The Food as Medicine Institute is grateful for the overwhelming community support from the following sponsors. With their support the Institute is able to provide more outreach, develop more classes and grow to benefit the greater Portland metro area.

Founding Sponsor

Bob’s Red Mill

In 2010 Bob’s Red Mill provided the seed funding to start the Food as Medicine Institute (FAMI) and built Charlee’s Teaching Kitchen (where the Food as Medicine Everyday (FAME) series takes place, and where NUNM students take cooking and nutrition courses). In addition to providing the initial funding for FAMI Bob’s Red Mill donates whole grains for all classes at NUNM and are annual supporter of the Food as Medicine Symposium.


Jason E. Zidell Foundation

The Jason E. Zidell Foundation provided funding to support the FAME series at Coffee Creek Correction Facility in 2017.

The Zidell’s have been a sustaining partner since 2014; bringing ten FAME series workshops to the facility and educating nearly 150 incarcerated women on how to adopt a more whole foods-based diet.

Jim’s Thriftway, Banks, Oregon

Jim’s Thriftway has provided funding to support the Food as Medicine Everyday program in Banks Oregon, since 2012, serving over 200 community members. In addition to sponsoring the FAME class, Jim’s Thriftway has shifted the products on their shelves, providing healthier options including more varieties of kale, gluten-free options and stocking more “natural” products.

Interested in supporting the Food as Medicine Institute?

If you are interested in supporting the Food as Medicine Institute or funding a FAME series, contact us at fami@nunm.edu

All of our sponsors share similar mission and visions and represent the core value that Food is Medicine.