2014 Food as Medicine Symposium

Welcome to our first annual Food as Medicine Symposium!  In each of our tracks, professional and public, we will be discussing the Clinical Applications of Therapeutic Diets and Healing with Food at Home, respectively.  You will learn from doctors, nutrition experts and more about the use of specific diets to prevent and treat disease, and how to optimize wellness.

Professional Track 

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  • Searching for the Perfect Diet | Jared Zeff, ND
  • Analyzing The Diet Diary: Nutrition, Pathophysiology and Docere | Mona Morstein, ND
  • The Impact of AGEs on Diabetes and General Health | Jessica Black, ND
  • Taking the Best of Both Worlds: Eating Like a 21st Century Hunter Forager | James O’Keefe, MD
  • Seven Strategies of Detoxification | Bonnie Nedrow, ND
  • Reversing Heart Disease with Diet | Martin Milner, ND
  • Diane D. Stadler, PhD, RD | The Effects of a Low Carb Diet on Appetite and Weight Loss
  • Understanding Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing |Wendy Hodsdon, ND
  • Gluten Free Updates in Clinical Practice | Lisa Shaver, ND

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Public Track

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  • Whole Grains – Life Insurance you EatBob Moore, Founder of Bob’s Red Mill
  • Avoiding Inflammatory Foods and Cooking MethodsJessica Black, ND
  • Death by Food PyramidDenise Minger
  • Celiac disease, Gluten-Free Nutrition and Avoiding “Junk” GF FoodsLisa Shaver, ND
  • Foods that Detoxify the BodyBonnie Nedrow, ND
  • Breast Milk: The Original Super FoodJoanne Edwards, RN
  • “Inclusive” Cooking and the Food ExperienceChef Abby Fammartino
  • Healing Power of Bone BrothChef Tressa Yellig

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