Oct. 29, 2016 | TEDx Montreal Women Presentation: Dr. Courtney Jackson

Courtney Jackson, ND, passionately promotes the healing power of whole foods to her patients and the public. Dr. Jackson is co-founder of NUNM’s Food as Medicine Institute and co-author of * Food as Medicine Everyday – Reclaim your Health with Whole Foods.

In this TEDx talk – “Healthy Digestion: Not What But How?” – Dr. Jackson explains how the normal physiology of a healthy digestive tract can be suppressed through our daily habits, like eating when we’re feeling stressed, or through our medications. As our digestive tract is negatively impacted, we lose the opportunity to extract the greatest amount of nutrition from our food – and we suffer from common, but not normal, digestive complaints. Dr. Jackson asks: How do we return to normal digestive physiology, and why is this an important pursuit?